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Head Office     –   ATM  (Automated Teller Machine)

No. 63 A. Mabini St. Poblacion, San Pedro, Laguna

Fund Division: (02) 8868-5240 / 0922-8685617

Loan Division: (02) 8808-1128 / 0922-8685612

Accounting Division: (02) 8847-6569

Human Resources: (02) 8808-1296 (Telefax) /  0922-8685620

Unisan (Pioneer branch)  – ATM  (Automated Teller Machine)

Lapu-Lapu St., Poblacion, Unisan Quezon

Mobile: 0932-8688620

Cabuyao   – ATM (Automated Teller Machine)

Rizal St. Brgy. Uno, Cabuyao, Laguna

Telefax: (049) 531-2120

Mobile: 0932-2810093

Carmona  – ATM (Automated Teller Machine)

JM Loyola St. Maduya, Carmona, Cavite

Telefax: (046) 430-2474

Mobile: 0922-8685621

Sta. Rosa  – ATM (Automated Teller Machine)

Rizal ave. , Brgy. Tagapo, Sta. Rosa City, Laguna

Telefax: (049) 508-0273

Mobile: 0922-8685611


Merchan St. Brgy. 9 Lucena City, Quezon

Telefax: (042) 710-9417

Mobile: 0922-8685613

San Pablo

Cor. Alcantara & Burgos St. San Pablo City, Laguna

Telefax: (049) 503-1764

Mobile: 0925-7275701

Calamba     –   ATM  (Automated Teller Machine)

Unit B, Tabamo Bldg. Crossing Calamba City, Laguna

Telefax No: (049) 502-9935

Mobile: 0933-5913835

Awards and Recognition:

  • Recognized by PAG-IBIG FUND as one of the Top 31 Employers of Makati 1 Branch (Dec. 12, 2011)
  • Awarded by UCPB for Unwavering Client Support for the Past 25 years (April 13, 2012)
  • Awarded by Bancnet the Certificate of Recognition for operating an ATM in a remote location Unisan Branch (July 24, 2015)

Accreditation with the following companies : 

Country Bankers Insurance Corporation

First Guarantee Life Assurance Company, Inc.

Alca Print Hauz Printing Press

Sun Cellular (Message Cast Service)

Accreditation with the following companies for more than 4 years : 

Save Money Trading, Inc.

Perez Printing Services

Microtech Systems Services and Equipment Corporation

Health Care Provider of the Bank: 

Value Care Health System, Inc. – Existing Health Care Provider

Insular Life Health Care, Inc. – Health care provider for more than 7 years

Fortune Medicare, Inc. – Health Care provider last 2013-2014

Member : 


Philippine Deposit Insurance Corp. (PDIC)

Laguna Federation of Rural Banks (LFRB)

Rural Bank Association of the Philippines (RBAP)

Bankers Association of San Pablo City Laguna

Bankers Association of San Pedro City, Laguna

Bankers Association of Calamba City, Laguna

Bankers Association of Lucena City


Founded in 1965, Rodolfo C. Cataquiz, along with his trusted business associates Rosa T. Ramirez, Gregorio G. Vera Cruz, Pedro B. Cataquiz, Eufracio K. Dimayuga, Felix A. Tolentino and Ramon C. Vera Cruz, spearheaded Rural Bank of Unisan, Inc. with an aim to extend a helping hand to the small-scale entrepreneurs and industrialists who are in need of financial assistance in the midst of the growing economy of the rural industry. The bank was formally incorporated by the Securities and Exchange Commission on April 20, 1965 and is presently known as Entrepreneur Bank.

A native of Unisan, Quezon, Rodolfo C. Cataquiz worked as a Line Inspector of the Philippine National Railways. During his stint as PNR Inspector, he met and later married Rosa Ramirez who is a successful businesswoman engaged in “Balut” making and fruit trading. The couple ventured to invest in rural banking when the Congress enacted the Rural Bank Act in the early 1950 which encourages businessmen to engage in rural banking to finance the capital needs in the countryside. The couple together with friends and associates put up the Rural Bank of Unisan.

The bank started its official business operations on August 28, 1965 and gradually established itself as one of the top rural banks in Quezon Province. After nearly two decades of operating a single bank, the company saw a potential to expand their services and launched their very first branch in San Pedro, Laguna on April 8, 1982 to great success. The next decade proved to be another fruitful year as the bank continued to move further opening its doors to Cabuyao, Laguna (February 28, 1992); Carmona, Cavite (July 06, 1992); Sta. Rosa, Laguna (February 28, 1994); Lucena, Quezon (August 28, 1995); Calamba, Laguna (January 06, 1998) and San Pablo, Laguna (January 12, 1988).

In 1997, Rural Bank of Unisan officially changed its business name to Entrepreneur Rural Bank, Inc. and moved it main office to San Pedro, Laguna to streamline their operations and to reflect the bank’s ascent from a simple rural bank to one of the most trusted rural banks in the southern region.

Over the years, Entrepreneur Bank has helped several small-scale business owners and industrialists in achieving the utmost potential of their various enterprises. The bank continues to successfully keep up with the times and address the need of their growing customers in the rapidly changing business and economic landscape despite the odds besetting the banking industry.

Entrepreneur Bank established itself as an economic pillar during trying times which saw the country face adversities such as the heavy withdrawals during the 1983 Ninoy Aquino assassination, the 1997 financial downturn, and the 2000 Millennium Bug to name a few.

At present, Entrepreneur Bank continues to provide quality services and is constantly keeping up with the times through innovation and updating its technology to further bridge the gap between its clientele and the continuously evolving industry. Entrepreneur Bank is dedicated to persistently look for feasible prospects in the market to further business growth.

Now on its 50th year, Entrepreneur Bank bridges the gap between services that are traditionally offered by rural banks and commercial banks. At present, our services are essentially at par with commercial banks and are continuously evolving to cater the growing needs of the time. The recent citation by Bancnet granting our ATM with “Special Recognition in Financial Inclusion for operating an ATM in a remote location” particularly in Bondoc Peninsula, Unisan, Quezon, is a result of our unwavering commitment to providing our clients with topnotch services. We also pride ourselves with our highly personalized services which are expressions of how much we value personal interaction within our community. A website is also provided as an avenue to connect with existing and potential clients who are beyond the reach of our branch network. We are also an accredited Bayad Center agent accepting payments for various bills such as Meralco, major credit cards, etc.

Our bank offers reasonable maintaining balance on deposit accounts, competitive lending rates comparable to commercial banks, and our savings and time deposit rates are higher than the industry rate. We also offer flexible services that can be customized based on the needs of our SME (Small and Medium Enterprise) clients. All these services are made readily available with real time processing, provided all necessary documents are submitted.

Our system features a customized banking software that can process transactions efficiently and effectively. Clients can also avail of a loan in as early as one week upon completion of the requirements.  Helpful information are provided on our website such as opening of deposit accounts, loan application, and sale/status of acquired assets.

In an effort to further boost our services, mobile banking is already available with the use of a mobile application while online banking and foreign exchange transactions are currently under review. Future plans center on operational sustainability and continuous profitability with on-going product development to meet diversified needs of clientele. The bank’s main goal is to fully maximize technology centered operation in order to provide consistent growth in resources (deposit and loans) and branch network.

Entrepreneur Bank is a living legacy of the industry and its founders; a league of men with great vision and humble beginnings dedicated in providing premium services to Filipino entrepreneurs.


To be the leading provider of Rural Banking financial services to small and medium enterprises. We are composed of professional, well-motivated and proactive personnel united in a shared commitment to excellence contributing our talents and resources for the development of the countryside to achieve national growth.


Moving forward on an ever changing economic order, we aim to be a premier Rural Bank in the services of the Filipino Entrepreneurs committed to the consistent delivery of the best possible value for our clients, employees and shareholders and the community we serve.

We shall exert all effort to seek and transform all opportunity into reality to expand business activities.

Our clientele, the entrepreneurs, is our reason for being and, therefore we shall strive to reach out to develop long-term partnership and be flexible to their needs by delivering a wide array of products and services with distinctive quality

We know that our success depends on the quality of our people, the efficiency of our system and the strength of our organization. Hence we will provide a supportive environment that inspires teamwork, professionalism, and integrity. We pledge to bring about the realization of the full potential of each employee.

We shall initiate to be more responsive to dynamic market conditions, innovate to lead the competition and united in the pursuit of a common goal. Growth and Stability in the services of the Filipino Entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneur Bank shall remain committed in the fulfillment of its social responsibility by actively participating in the development of the communities that we serve.



We are committed to being at the forefront of providing top-notch services in promoting the welfare of our clients, employees and shareholders, and of the communities we serve.

Commitment to Integrity

We adhere to the high morals of honesty and sincerity in providing integrated and innovative programs that will cater to the needs of the market through responsible and fair business practices.

Commitment to Excellence

We shall continue to dedicate our utmost efforts to deliver first-class services that will ensure holistic development and sustain unwavering commitment to the highest standards of business ethics.

 Customer Focus-Service is the Principal Commodity We Have To Sell

Our services are tailored to cater to the needs of our clients to help them manage their resources effectively and efficiently to achieve optimal results.

Initiate, Innovate and Work as a Team

We shall work hand in hand in order to look out for viable opportunities in the rapidly-changing market that will improve our services and profitability


  • To be a leader in the rural banking industry by building a reputation that adheres to the company’s core values, mission statement and overall vision.
  • To establish long term relationships with our clientele by providing superior service that shall exceed customer expectations.
  • To consistently grow and expand through innovation, development of a strong base of key customers, and adaptation to the latest technology.
  • To increase the assets and investments of the company in order to support the development of services that will ensure profitability of the company and its clientele.



Entrepreneur Bank offers practical and hassle-free platforms to save funds. A customer can choose among our various savings deposit  products, each carefully designed to cater to a specific need.

  • Regular/Individual Account
  • Student Account
  • Corporate Account
  • Kiddie Account


Entrepreneur Bank understands the need in keeping banking transactions secure whether for business or personal use. The Current Account services ensure an orderly system where the money flow is easily monitored.

  • Regular/Individual Account
  • Corporate Account
  • Easy Funding Current Account
  • Automatic Transfer Account
  • ATA-Individual
  • ATA-Corporate


Saving up has never been this convenient with Entrepreneur Bank’s time deposit service which guarantees safekeeping of funds for future use.



Easy access to  cash whenever a need arises is a top priority and with its Bancnet accreditation, Entrepreneur Bank customers can access their funds anywhere, anytime. 

  • Regular/Individual ATM
  • ATM Student Account
  • ATM Payroll Account


Entrepreneur Bank’s main trust is with the small-scale business owners who want to start or expand their enterprises. We help bring our clients one step closer to their dreams. Entrepreneur Bank has a wide selection of secured & unsecured loans and business line receivables programs that offer affordable rates, appropriate borrowing limits and flexible repayment terms.

  • Agricultural loan
  • Commercial loan
  • Industrial loan
  • Business loan
  • Housing loan
  • OFW / Seaman’s loan
  • Educational loan
  • Chattel loan
  • Salary loan
  • Savings/Time deposit hold out loan


  1. Real Estate Loan (TCT)
  2. Housing Loan
  3. Chattel Loan
  4. Loan Against Deposit (Hold-out)


  1. SECURED (with collateral)
  2. UNSECURED (without collateral)


A joint project with Sun Business, Entrepreneur Bank allows its customers to send text messages to clients, partners and organization members via an integrated contact management system which also allows them to customize their contacts database. Message Cast also allows customers to broadcast their messages using their company name as the official sender for a more legitimate brand recall.


Entrepreneur Bank aims to be your one-stop shop for all vital financial service. Thus, we are partners with Western Union Money Transfer and Bayad Center Services.





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